Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What's in a Name?

Game of the Day:

My Jedi name is: Galjo Sugre
My Jedi 2.0 name is: Gallajo Sugre
My Jedi alt name is: Galjo Sucal
My Jedi 2.0 alt name is: Gallajo Sucal
My soap opera name is: Jerome Caltech
My porn star name is: Spooky Sullivan

What's your name, sugar?

Find out and get back to me:

Confession of the Day:

I just stole Mary Biddinger's clock. Forgive me.


Drive By Truckers

Show you can listen to or download, from NPR. Free.

Thank you NPR.


Galjo Sugre


At 12/14/2006 11:03 AM, Blogger marybid said...

Ack! No wonder I can't get anything done, and these papers sit here pathetic and ungraded...


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