Saturday, December 15, 2007

Enough of '07, We're ogg to Texas

So it snowed and then ice, and then all the trees broke, and many people lost their power and then more snow (after this picture was taken: Say hi to Natalie!), and so we've decided to go to Texas.
Next stop Austin.
Ciao, baby.


At 12/15/2007 9:45 PM, Blogger Peter said...

Wow. What an amazing picture.

At 12/16/2007 3:43 AM, Blogger John Gallaher said...

I meant to write "off" but when I saw "ogg" I decided that better fit Missouri this week.


At 12/16/2007 5:10 PM, Blogger Anne Haines said...

Also, OGG is the airport code for Kahului, Maui.

Which would be a lovely place to go to escape this crap weather, wouldn't it?

At 12/21/2007 7:34 PM, Blogger Susan Denning said...

Merry Christmas John!


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