Wednesday, December 02, 2009

"I Love China" by Natalie

Yet another moment along the way. My daughter Natalie, eight, wrote a poem this afternoon that she just gave to me. Here it is:

I Love China
by Natalie

Whisper: I love China 1234 I love China
They make everything. And
I woke up this morning. And
I got what I wanted. And
it said China 1234 China 1234
China 1234 I love China 1234 whisper:
I love China 1234 I love China


At 12/03/2009 7:26 PM, Anonymous Jared Steward said...

I love it! My son just turned eight and although he loves to read, he's not into poetry yet, much less writing it. Impressive daughter you have there.


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