Thursday, November 25, 2010

Molly Brodak / Samuel Amadon

Molly Brodak

A Little Middle of the Night

Underneath (Side Effects)

We play the Make This Shape into Something game and he says
you always make the same shape. It grows worse, like a body.

Similarly, I like “heaven forbid” but it means nothing to me. That doesn’t mean
there is nothing underneath. That doesn’t mean the underneath is full of me.

A small part of what I’ve seen has lead me to believe this.
Including the fake things. Mostly I believe there is no me. So, listen,

I’m afraid of where I’ll go under the anesthesia. Don’t think
belief is uninterruptible. There is a reason, then there is murder, forgetfulness.

Normal and not normal. In my dream, Mom brings me a tassel of robin’s feet.
I have an owl in a cage exactly the size of its body. It escapes just moments later.

Samuel Amadon
Like a Sea

Each H (V)

Something to be said for how long
what has been growing
along the road, has been growing

along a road, must change how
it grows. Louder then,
when you see the sign GUNS

has an actual white picket fence
around it. Around where
the little blue houses start

everywhere with what they collect
the position between
arbitrary and how long has it been

since you were assigned some-
thing? Look, they have
a harbor, and where the dock is

gone someone left the poles in.
Something to
edges rests, settled

between poles, one feels this
like being still doesn’t worry

us, this is what we have
chosen, to value this
looks like we have chosen before.


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