Friday, February 16, 2007

Neil Young / Son Volt / Wilco / Lucinda Williams

First, Neil Young:

Neil Young live and solo at Massey Hall, 1971 is almost here. If you’re interested, here are a couple video sneak previews, well worth the visit (Point your favorite media player to: while you're at it. You'll thank me!):

Second, Son Volt:

They’re streaming thirty second snippets of a few of the songs from the new album, The Search (due out on March 6th), over at:

So far, I’m thinking it sounds pretty good, though I’m still not sure about the horns.

Third, Wilco:

Wilco have unveiled the tracklisting for their forthcoming new
album Sky Blue Sky, which will be out on May 15 in the US.

The tracklisting is:

'Either Way'
'You Are My Face'
'Impossible Germany'
'Sky Blue Sky'
'Side with the Seeds'
'Shake it Off'
'Please Be Patient With Me'
'Hate it Here'
'Leave Me (Like You Found Me)'
'What Light'
'On and On and On'

Fourth, Lucinda Williams:

West, the new album, has been out awhile. There’s a little video up at It sounds all right . . . I haven't liked her recent work nearly as well as I liked Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, but this is something of a return. At least that's what I'm thinking so far.


At 2/16/2007 8:24 AM, Blogger Paul said...

Yeah, Lucinda's recent work has left me mostly indifferent. Me, who loves Car Wheels to no end. Happy to see new Wilco. Son Volt, maybe not.

At 2/16/2007 8:28 AM, Blogger Andrew Shields said...

Sasha Frere-Jones trashed the new Lucinda in a comment in the New Yorker. Again, as someone who loves CWOAGR. I have not heard it yet myself.

Wasn't the live album her most recent one? I finally got it recently and I find it utterly compelling.

At 2/16/2007 2:06 PM, Blogger Leslie said...

I'm joining the not-so-much bandwagon on the newer LW work. I didn't bother with the new one. Someone should tell me if it is great. Or even close to as good as Car Wheels.

I just started listening to the newest Arcade Fire release. And a friend has promised me the entire Decemberists catalogue. We'll see.

At 2/19/2007 3:02 PM, Blogger John Gallaher said...


I'm still hopeful about the son volt. In the end, I've listened to Omekah more often than Ghost, though I like them both about the same.

Williams, well, Car Wheels was rather an amazing work. It's difficult after something like that.

Same as with Neil Young. How does one compete with Everybody Knows this Is Nowhere, and After the Goldrush?

Even with that, he's done well. This live thing he's coming out with from 71 is going to be really, really wonderful, caught right at the height of his muse.

At 2/20/2007 11:16 AM, Blogger louise said...

See, now, this is interesting. Yes to Car Wheels. NO to the rather banal and sap-filled Essence (there's only one song on that album that I don't find annoying "Down with That" which is gravelly and edgy). I DO like a few tracks from World Without Tears "Minneapolis", "Those Three Days"

At 2/20/2007 11:27 AM, Blogger louise said...

uh... got cut off. Was going to say what I've heard so far of the new album "Are you Alright?" I think it's called, is a bit too yuppie-coffee-shop-norah jones-easy-listening for my taste.
But maybe there's a buried treasure somewhere on the album...


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