Wednesday, February 06, 2008

AWP 08 is dead. Long live AWP 09!

So anyway, I traveled to New York last week, as did a zillion people. I saw some of them. I got pictures of a few. I missed so many I was hoping to see again (G.C. Waldrep, Michael Dumanis, Cate Marvin, Greg Wrenn, and on and on), and many I was hoping to meet (Sarah Vap, Mark Bibbins, and on and on and…).

Really too many to count. Numbered and numberless.

And what about the panels and readings? Edson! Tate! Armantrout! Strand! The three-level bookfair? “Excuse me, do you know where table 490 is?”

It was all too much, really. I wish this thing were half the size, and twice a year, or something. Or something something something.

Some pictures of some people on the way...


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