Thursday, May 07, 2009

Verse Daily as Research Tool

Until this morning, I was unaware of just how extensive and impressive Verse Daily has become. I was told an hour or so ago, via a facebook friend (which is a huge topic in and of itself as regards the lives of poets), that I had a poem up on Verse Daily, so I went there.

Clicking on the link from my name I found a little history of my poems on the web. And then I started looking at other poets, and their histories. It’s quite a wonderful resource.

Go there and browse. It’s a great way to spend an early summer day.

And because this is my blog, and I’m self-absorbed, you can start with the me me me show [though I think technically, looking at the bio they put up for me, I’ve written three books, not four. The chapbook is a different category. At least that’s what I always thought?]:

Today's poem is "Duly Noted"
from West Branch

About John Gallaher:

John Gallaher is the author of four books of poetry, most recently The Little Book of Guesses (Four Way Books) and Map of the Folded World (Akron). He lives in rural Missouri and co-edits The Laurel Review.

Other poems by John Gallaher in Verse Daily:

January 23, 2009: "What We're up Against" "On the way home from the funeral..."
June 8, 2007: "Earth-tone Anecdote" " They are speaking in the other room..."
May 12, 2007: "When I Say World I Mean Please" " We begin somewhat after the beginning, in..."
January 4, 2007: "A Guess Is Spiritual Then, & Will Try to Help You" " Two pregnant women are walking together under the portico...."
June 10, 2006: "Anecdote of the Field" " The children are running across the field, each..."
May 26, 2005: "No Encores. No Autographs." ""When I was little, and could float..."

Other poems on the web by John Gallaher:

"The Poem from the Poem: Ars Poetica II"
Three poems
"Bomb Went Off"
"On Your Brilliant Escape"
"A Guidebook to When Things Were Better" "A Guidebook to The Afterlife"

John Gallaher's Blog.

John Gallaher according to Wikipedia.

And then it goes on with a history of West Branch poetry on Verse Daily. See what I mean? You have to kind of search around to find what you're looking for, but once you do, there's a nice little trove of things. What a great place to begin to investigate journals and individual poets.

About West Branch:

Subscription: 1 year (2 issues), $10
West Branch * Bucknell Hall * Bucknell University * Lewisburg, PA, 17837
Editor: Paula Closson Buck

Other poems from West Branch in Verse Daily:

May 5, 2009: "Chicken Little" by Tiffany Atkinson
December 13, 2008: "Nothing is Haunted" by Sandy Longhorn
December 12, 2008: "When Worlds Collide (1951)" by Maggie Smith
June 10, 2007: "Looking Forward to the Twentieth Century" by James Doyle
June 8, 2007: "Earth-tone Anecdote" by John Gallaher
June 3, 2006: "The Customary Mysteries" by Aleda Shirley
June 2, 2006: "[When You Asked, I Thought At First]" by Boyer Rickel
May 31, 2006: "In A Week Or Two, My Love, The Maple Will Be Empty." by David Swerdlow
January 15, 2006: "Pursuit" by Sarah Sloat
January 5, 2006: "Rehoboth Beach" by Matthew Ladd
January 2, 2006: "Ghazal of the Bright Body" by Sarah Sloat
December 28, 2005: "Rain-Freighted" by Eric Pankey
May 21, 2005: "The Innocent" Jean Nordhaus
May 17, 2005: "Vespers" Charles Wright
December 14, 2004: "The Tortoise" by Betsy Sholl
December 13, 2004: "Grackles" by Lisa Williams
August 10, 2004: "Anecdote of the Turkeys" by Wayne Dodd
August 2, 2004: "Speak, Zero" by Mary Ruefle
June 19, 2004: "Yes, to the Mole, Emerging in Night" by Daniel Bourne
February 10, 2004: "Rorschach on Pond" by Sean Serrell
February 9, 2004: "Deer" by Sarah Kennedy
June 1, 2003: "First Thing" by Bill Knott
May 20, 2003: "Succession" by Bill Knott
May 19, 2003: "Angry Music" by John Nixon, Jr.
May 16, 2003: "I Never Promised You a Worm Farm" by Charles Harper Webb
January 31, 2003: "Collect Call" by Michelle Boisseau
January 15, 2003: "Cautionary Tale" by Nance Van Winckel
January 8, 2003: "The Climbers" by Jeffrey Skinner
January 7, 2003: "Steadily" by Michelle Boisseau

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At 5/07/2009 8:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to note, it's a little weird that you didn't know in advance of your appearance on VD, right? Poetry Daily contacts people well in advance, securing their permission. VD does not, and have acquired a rep for making advertising money by basically taking poems without permission. I guess I'd scale back your enthusiasm just a bit.
Ted G.

At 5/07/2009 9:18 AM, Blogger John Gallaher said...


Nah, I'll leave my enthusiasm intact. I also like what Poetry Daily does, and you're right. I had a poem appear on PD once, and Don Selby did contact me first.

That is a better way of going about things. Both websites do a service. Neither of them pays anyone for the work they reprint. And both only reprint from things that have been voluntarilly sent to them. So I have no argument with either, except for the fact that neither of them have ever published work from some poets I admire. G.C. Waldrep, for example.

At 8/31/2009 12:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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