Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Get It In The Rumpus

OK, so I liked The Rumpus even before I heard that there’s a review of my book going up today. It’s not always about me . . . well . . . not always . . .

Here’s a review of Rachel Loden’s Dick of the Dead, by D.A. Powell, for instance:


Here’s a snippet:

“Her Nixon is a fallen monument, an apparition who stalks the grounds of the Whitehouse; who sits with his head “like a Rushmore in space” awaiting his ultimate pardon. Later, he is a bauble, a plastic man inside a snowglobe “while hoodoo snow is falling.” Loden’s Nixon is the crooked leader for whom I grew nostalgic, as the eight torturous years of the Bush regime raged on like an unchecked virus. Deeply human, deeply flawed, he is the most tragic figure ever to appear on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In.”

(That was the famous “Sock it to ME?” bit, above)

And since I’m on the subject of D.A. Powell, there’s an interview with him up at Shark Forum:


Here’s a snippet:

One evening David and I were on one of our typical long phone conversations, and the subject of memoirs came up. I joked that I had been toying with the idea of writing a memoir by lifting sentences from other people's memoirs. David laughed but then he got quiet and his tone turned serious. "You know, that's a really great idea," he said. "Yes," I replied, "but when would I have the time? I'd get bogged down after the first sentence." We talked about a few other things, then David came back to the idea: "Would you do it as a collaboration?"


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