Monday, December 01, 2008

Wier & Winter: I am a child

There are a lot of poems out there that I like to go back to, time and again. In the interest of sharing, I thought it might be a nice project this month, to post some of them. Here are two, linked, a bit, by theme.

Dara Wier
Princess Mimi Romanoff

Child grade, your child, child of the month,
USDA child, the child is yours, you have no child,
Child cuts, multiple child, child, the remark is child,
Menu child, child of several levels, child of beverages,
Child of desserts, child of standard or exclusive service,
It’s a matter of child, no child, a child between a rock
And a hard place, a child between the lesser of two evils,
Child real estate, child seating, child of the night, child of
Discerning, child of window or aisle, a child of immense
Consequence, a conscious child, axiom of child, child teas,
Current child, editor’s child, child function, child deals,
It is a child you will have to make, a child you will have to
Live with, a child you would prefer to defer, child of options,
Child of routes, child of levels of service, child of many,
Child of very few, child of lower or upper, child functions,
A good child, a poor child, the only child, another child,
No other child, dealer’s child, driver’s child, last child,
A great child, child of opting out, child office, that child.

* *

Jonah Winter

Have you ever been on a steam train ride?
I love trains!
That is why today is a special day for me.
The railroad yard is huge!
The first thing I do is meet the engineer.
Steam makes the steam train go!
Shoveling coal is hard work!
“W” stands for whistle.
The train is coming!
The man in the blue uniform is conductor Bill.
I can see sheep!


At 12/01/2008 12:11 PM, Blogger JeFF Stumpo said...

Please, please, please tell me you've read Uncle Shelby's ABZ Book.

At 12/01/2008 12:17 PM, Blogger John Gallaher said...

I haven't!

I guess this means I should?

At 12/02/2008 9:10 AM, Blogger JeFF Stumpo said...

Oh, without a doubt.

K is for kidnapper, for example. He's got a keen car and candy. I bet he'll let you ride in his car if you ask him.

E is for eggs. E is also for Ernie, the genie who lives in the ceiling. Take some eggs into the living room and toss them up and say "Catch, Ernie!" and he'll reach down and catch them.

I use it in classes as an example of something that is most likely intended for adults but plays its game so well that it's hard to tell who is supposed to be reading it. All the Shel Silverstein fans who thought he was subversive in Where the Sidewalk Ends or whatnot are vaguely horrified by the probability that Barnes & Noble would end up carrying this in its children's section.

Wonderful book. I picked up a copy on eBay for about 5 bucks with shipping.

Sorry for the response delay - forgot to check the email-follow-up box.

At 12/02/2008 9:49 AM, Blogger M. C. Allan (Carrie, to most) said...

Uncle Shelby's ABZ book is BRILLIANT.

Q is for Quarantine. Do you know what "quarantine" means, kids? It means, "Come on in, FREE ice cream!"

best Silverstein ever, and that's saying something.


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