Sunday, April 04, 2010

Gustaf Sobin - Collected Poems - Talisman House - 2010

I've ordered it, but I don't have Sobin's Collected Poems yet, so reposting today's poem from Poetry Daily will have to do until it gets here. I've been thinking about this book, and asking about it, since I first heard word a cople years ago that it was going to be published by Talisman.  And now the wait is down to days.

According to Seneca

... every wind, according to
Seneca, has
origins in some deep-
seated stellar configuration. once, every
word, its every

vocable, came rippling out of an else-

where that
was. edge, then, towards what? you, who'd
scraped pebbles, goaded
shadows, hover,
now, in the

coves of imploded

lusion. here, where even the air, this
morning, lies as if
pacted, yes, in so
many exhausted particles, would

feed yourself, wouldn't you, to
slightest interstice, oversight, pry free of
your own, in-

replication. for just beyond would lie the
chords, the
sonorous reefs of
some suggested passage. whisper, then. yes,

murmur the
wavering blue line of that
tenuous horizon: 'wind,' 'waves,' 'whitecaps,'
what, in

themselves, meant nothing, whereas nothing, you
knew, without them (burst,
pulverized) could


At 4/04/2010 6:52 AM, Anonymous Alice Van-Weed said...

i like the verse..the thing is most kids these days are no longer into poetry and lit... :(

At 4/04/2010 6:54 AM, Blogger John Gallaher said...

But maybe the kids after them will be!

At 4/04/2010 10:31 AM, Blogger David-Glen Smith said...

Actually, I was surprised by the response from the students who participated in a college Poetry Slam where I teach. Only seven initially signed up, however the last minute sign-ups at the event itself brought out more than twenty student poets. They are out there. They just need encouragement and venues.

At 4/06/2010 5:05 AM, Blogger Andrew Shields said...

And if you want to vote for Sobin's poem in the Daily Poem Project, go here:

But of course you should read the other poems on the ballot this week, too, to see if you like any of them better! :-)


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