Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A few things that you shouldn't miss!

Spring Break Bookshelf:

Two new books:

Zach Savich, Events Film Cannot Withstand. Rescue + Press.

Rescue Press is brand new and they’ve really struck gold with this wonderful book of meditative, memoir-ish, prose. This is Savich’s fourth book in about two years, and that might cause a book like this, that’s unclassifiable and from a brand-new press to get lost in the shuffle. I hope that doesn’t happen. It’s a very different thing. Quite remarkable.

Diane Wald, Wonderbender. 1913 Press.

Another very small, new-ish press. This is Wald’s third book of poetry and if you don’t know her work, it’s a good place to start. “[T]hese small things we need” she writes, and that seems a perfect philosophy to me. Wald has seemed to me one of the poets who should be talked about a lot more than I feel she is. Next year 1913 Press will bring out a collaborative book, titled Conversities, by Dan Beachy-Quick & Srikanth Reddy that I’m looking forward to.

Two new artbooks/chapbooks by two of my favorite poets:

Kate Greenstreet, CALLED

Delete Press has just released Kate Greenstreet’s new chapbook, CALLED, in a small and elaborate handmade edition. Two pieces of original artwork make up the book covers, the images registered from linoleum cuts. Each book comes inside a linen slip sleeve. (You can see a couple of photos here: ) $10 includes shipping. Delete is a young press, devoted to making beautiful books. They have books by Rachel Levitsky and C.J. Martin also for sale.

Paige Ackerson-Kiely & Adie Russell, This Landscape

This came out the end of last year, but I’ve just found it. Beautiful, color manipulated photographs accompany Ackerson-Kiely’s beautiful, manipulated paragraphs.

Spring Break Soundtrack:

The Dodos, No Color

(They sound a little bit like Paul McCartney versions of Peter Gabriel songs, which means they remind me a lot of a mix of Menomena and The Morning Benders)

Smith Westerns, Dye it Blonde

(They sound a lot like what I would expect would happen if Teenage Fanclub started playing T-Rex songs, which means I'm having a lot of fun listening to them.)

Smith Westerns


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