Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Spring Collection - Four Way Books

Ellen Dudley

Terri Ford

John Gallaher

Forrest Hamer

C. Dale Young

As well, Four Way Books is running The Levis Poetry Prize from January through March 2007. Open to all poets who are U.S. citizens. The judge is Tony Hoagland.


At 2/18/2007 6:58 PM, Blogger Leslie said...

I'm amazed. They are all so beautiful and all so different from each other. I love that Four Way doesn't have a "look."

I don't recognize the artwork on your book. Did you select it?

I can't wait to read it.

Well, actually, I can. I have to.

At 2/18/2007 7:04 PM, Blogger Four Way Books said...

My work is being done for me. Thanks, John.

Seems like a good place to announce, a little before we officially announce it, that Four Way Books now has a blog! Y'all are most welcome to stop on by for news about Four Way authors, titles, and releases.


At 2/18/2007 7:07 PM, Blogger Four Way Books said...

And, for even more functionality, a working link (I hope)

Four Way Books' blog

(And should this link not work perhaps JG will kindly fix it for me...)

At 2/18/2007 7:18 PM, Blogger Paul said...

Great, great cover, John.

I'll be entering this third manuscript in the Levis, I believe.

At 2/19/2007 3:08 AM, Blogger greg rappleye said...

Congratulations! It's a great press and you are in some good company.

I hope to pick up a copy of your book at the AWP Conference. See you there!

At 2/19/2007 5:43 AM, Blogger John Gallaher said...


Four Way Books is really good about trying to create a cover that resonates with the work, so the books do turn out a bit differently. They all have the same trim size, so there is a bit of a family resemblance when they're together.

The work on the cover of The Little Book of Guesses, is by Louise Belcourt. Martha Rhodes found it in a gallery window, I believe. When she showed it to me I nearly hit the roof. It's absolutely perfect. I've since looked up several of Belcourt's paintings. I just love her tone . . . her abstracted realism. Or some such.

I'm looking forward to AWP as well, when I can see all these books in their real form. I'm going to spend a lot of money this year.

At 2/19/2007 7:35 AM, Blogger Penultimatina said...

I need to stop saluting these book covers and get back to work.


At 2/19/2007 3:08 PM, Blogger John Gallaher said...


You should! I mean, one never knows how these things will turn out, as they're judged differently every year, but Four Way Books is just such a friendly, amazing group of people to work with. But you already know that, as C. Dale Young has written many times to that effect.

Greg and Mary,

Come by table #90 on Friday from 11-Noon! Or come by table #9 anytime (That's The Laurel Review table) and introduce yourselves. We're very friendly! Promise!

At 2/20/2007 5:13 AM, Blogger Penultimatina said...

Dang it--I wish I knew my table number(s). I suppose that would take away some of the drama on Wednesday when I arrive and have to have my nametag adjusted several times, lose all of my RHINOs, etc.

At 2/20/2007 7:48 AM, Blogger John Gallaher said...

The last thing we want at AWP would be a bunch of loose RHINOs. We're not the most athletic bunch, I've heard.

At 2/25/2007 4:29 PM, Blogger Penultimatina said...

Psst--we're table/booth #30. That just may be within paper clip range.

Running of the rhinos, Atlanta 07?


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