Friday, March 28, 2008

April is, well, you know what April is

April is all sorts of poetry things, here are just a couple:

A blog, and facebook group, Poetic Asides


"In April, Poetic Asides is challenging readers to write a poem-a-day for National Poetry Month (if you're not living in the US--just pretend). To help out, Robert will be offering a prompt-a-day--and he'll be writing a poem-a-day to go with the prompts."

And, also, it’s Poetry Daily’s annual spring fund drive and Poets Picks, they write:

". . . to launch our Spring fund drive and for some special Poetry Month fun, stand by for our annual "Poets' Picks" e-mail feature, beginning on Tuesday, April 1st: we've asked 22 past Poetry Daily poets to contribute to our celebration by selecting poems to be delivered to you by e-mail each weekday in April - their favorites from among The Greats – along with their commentary."

Celebrate Poetry Month with PD: • Give to Poetry Daily!

I have it on good authority (from me!) that one of the poets chose a Wallace Stevens poem. Which one? Hmm. There are so many from which to choose. You'll have to check Poetry Daily to find out...


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