Monday, April 06, 2009

April Is Poetry Prompt Month

April is poem prompt month, I’ve heard. I’m not very good at poem prompts, either thinking them up or doing much with them when someone else hands me one. Here’s something maybe similar that I like doing instead.

Think up a work or phrase (whatever you might like: “virtue” perhaps, or “field of leprechauns”) and add “contemporary painting” to the end of it. Paste the whole thing into the google search bar without quotation marks. Select “IMAGES” from the browser search menu options.

Then either have fun seeing what images pop up, or try writing from one. Either way, you find interesting things. I just did it with “virtue,” and here are some resulting images (well, after a few clicks):

Alex Gross

Ali Cavanaugh - infinite sky of light . . . I surrender

Stephen Cefalo - Feast with Friends

Alex Gross

Anthony Miscallef - Bomber Girl


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