Sunday, November 25, 2012

Baby Rant At My Own Expense

Bah. My next book is a long poem in Roman numbered sections, all with the same title “In a Landscape,” and, because I started writing it that way, I left them that way, though I’m pretty terrible at counting in Roman, and finding poems in it when I go looking for specific ones, when they pretty much have the same titles, is a mess. Anyway, I’m here to admit to my failure in this regard, as it has ended up causing me to send sections that have already been published out to journals. One would think it would be easy to just write the numbers down (which I do!), but as I’ve done it twice now, where a journal takes something that another journal has accepted (and in the case this morning, actually published), I’m realizing that’s not working well.

I can’t wait to go back to using titles.

Just saying.


At 11/26/2012 8:44 AM, Blogger Robert Mc said...

I have found myself revising a work slightly (after it has already been published) and changing the title, and then it's not listed as "published" in my records, and a few months later out it goes to another magazine. Oops. Luckily no one has gone ahead and published the newer version, yet. I kept a better track of it all.


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