Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rebecca Aronson - Creature Creature

I have many books from 2007 that I haven’t mentioned yet, and I’m hoping to make up for lost time. So here goes. First up, Rebecca Aronson, from Creature Creature.

The Way to Vanish

We are restless and leave our beds to cool.
Rain, but streets so hot they steam,
sidewalks slick with mud where dust was.

Where we walk a trench grows.
Old friends tumble in,
swim in the murk, flipping delicate feet.
The rain must blind me some.

Orange mushrooms glow
viperous on the lawns. They frighten me.
The lawns, too, frighten me. Mosquitoes
swim from their beds

multiplying as the rain does. A seed
of magnificence:
I expect to split in two,
split again and again
and disperse in the privet hedge.


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