Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dan Kaplan: Bill's Formal Complaint

Well, what a bit of good news!

From the NEWS section:

"12/06: Congratulations to Karl Elder and Dan Kaplan, whose books Gilgamesh at the Bellagio and Bill's Formal Complaint (respectively) are also slated for publication by The National Poetry Review Press."

I've had the good fortune of reading some of Dan Kaplan's work (and publishing it in The Laurel Review), and I'm very pleased that we will all get the opportunity of reading the full collection.

Here's a poem from Dan Kaplan, first published in The Laurel Review:


You enter from left, from the kitchenette.
Cross to chair. Eat before the television.
Daylight thinning. Your face and walls and throat
and fishbowl flickering. The cat licks
your soup when you arise to fix the image.
It is still snowing in Tijuana.
The steaming tacos and streets are frosted,
protagonist fleecy, slipping through people,
and when the phone rings you barely stir,
tilt head to 45°, and why
is this where it seems scripted, your pause,
your questioning answering, the brevity
of the call, your return to sitting, tray
back on your lap although you’ve finished eating . . .


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