Monday, April 13, 2009

LEGO Jesus

Barbie can go to Cuba. She’s heard
the music is great, and it means different things
if you’re flying, dying, or being chased. She dreams
she’s being chased by the LEGO Jesus. And he kind of
shielded his eyes from the lights and looked out.

Easter was great, even so. We got our cargo ship captain
back from the pirates, and a passenger landed a plane
after the pilot died. The puppy is doing well.
We saw him running with the president. We’ve
gone green, and the LEGO Jesus brought hamburgers.

Everyone who prays is saved. They haven’t said yet
who’s been praying this week, but they will, as the pirates
have vowed revenge, and a boy asked the LEGO Jesus
if he knew Barak Obama, who is also made of LEGOs,
and wears a cape and can fly.


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