Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Flaming Lips & Caffeine Destiny & More!

New things that I’m getting to this week:

The Flaming Lips’s new album, out next month, is streaming for the weekend here (in the upper left corner):

There's also a video of "Convinced of the Hex" up!

The Bookshelf (in no particular order):

Zachary Schomburg, Scary, No Scary (Black Ocean)
Brigitte Byrd, Song of a Living Room (Ahsahta)
Kate Greenstreet, The Last 4 Things [with DVD] (Ahsahta)
Claudia Keelan, Missing Her (New Issues)
Mary Ann Samyn, Beauty Breaks In (New Issues)
Ed Skoog, Mister Skylight (Copper Canyon)
Mark Bibbins, The Dance of No Hard Feelings (Copper Canyon)
Jennifer Militello, Flinch of Song (Tupelo)
Kristi Maxwell, Hush Sessions (saturnalia)
Sabrina Orah Mark, Tsim Tsum (saturnalia)

Of these, I’ve only read the two by Sabrina Orah Mark and Zachary Schomburg so far, and they’re both excellent in similar ways. My guess is if you like either of these two, you’ll like the other. I did.

Next up, Brigitte Byrd. I enjoyed Fence Above the Sea. I’m looking forward.

And also, the new issue of Caffeine Destiny is up:

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