Friday, July 27, 2007

David Lowery - Deep Oblivion

David Lowery, “Deep Oblivion.”

You can check out this song, as well as a few others at

I have a slightly different version (which I like a bit better as the electric guitar is featured more) of “Big Life” that I downloaded from a couple years ago, that I’ve always liked quite a bit. The other songs here are also quite good: “Please Don’t Give it Away” and “Those Girls Meant Nothing” . . .

What can I say about David Lowery? He’s been one of my favorite songwriters (with a little help, here and there, from his friends) for a long time now, and both of the bands he’s been in, Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker, are, well, equally interesting to me (with a slight edge to Cracker, because of Johnny Hickman’s guitar).

There’s a way that Lowery can sound both ironic and sentimental at (nearly) the same time that’s always intrigued me, and has felt very consistent, no matter the band or the context. One instance of this is one of my very favorite Lowery songs, “That Gum You Like Is Back in Style” that he co-wrote with Hickman [from Cracker], but recorded with Camper Van Beethoven. I read somewhere that he thought the song felt more like a Camper Van Beethoven song, but, like these four songs on his myspace demo page, I think of it as something of a distinction without a real difference.

That said, I look forward to getting copies of these four songs (or three, if you discount “Big Life” which I kind of already have a copy of) in whatever incarnation they end up presented in. Or he could just send me a CDR? I’ll even trade a book for it.

I’m easy to find.


At 6/10/2009 11:12 AM, Blogger sk8slow said...

Love David Lowery.
Diggin' his latest album with his band Cracker, "Sunrise in the Land of Milk and Honey"
Check out the videos.

At 6/10/2009 11:57 AM, Blogger John Gallaher said...

I agree. Recently, I wrote a short thing about the CD. It's good.

I wish Cracker would get more notice.


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