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2008 CSU Poetry Center Contest Results

2008 CSU Poetry Center Contest Results

OK, so I’m posting the full list of names here, in part, because it’s the fullest list of finalist names I think I’ve ever seen. And, as well, it reveals just how interesting CSU Poetry Center is getting.

So next year we’ll have new books from Allison Benis White, Liz Waldner, Allison Titus and Mathias Svalina.

CSU is now, officially, the press to watch.

And not just because of what they’re publishing, but the list of finalists and semi-finalists shows just how strong their selections will run. Seth Abramson, Adam Clay, Julie Doxsee, Chris Forhan, Nils Michals, Carrie Oeding, Maggie Smith, Roy Seeger, Malinda Markham, Mary Ann Samyn, Matthew Thornburn, Tony Trigilio, and on.

This is really good news.

ALLISON BENIS WHITE of Irvine, California, was selected by final judge Robert Hill Long as winner of our First Book Competition for her manuscript SELF-PORTRAIT WITH CRAYON, to be published in Spring 2009.

LIZ WALDNER of Oakland, California, has been selected by the Open Book Editorial Committee (Kazim Ali, Mary Biddinger, Michael Dumanis, and Sarah Gridley) as the winner of our Open Book Competition for her manuscript TRUST, to be published in Spring 2009.

We have selected two additional manuscripts for publication in Fall 2009:


We would also like to recognize and congratulate the following runners-up, finalists, and semi-finalists for the 2008 awards:

FIRST BOOK COMPETITION RUNNERS-UP (as named by Robert Hill Long):

Allison Titus, Richmond, VA, Sum of Every Lost Ship
Jesse Nissim, Oakland, CA, Diagram Her Dream of Flight

OPEN BOOK COMPETITION RUNNERS-UP (as named by Open Book Editorial Committee):

Dora Malech, Iowa City, IA, Make, Break, Or
Seth Abramson, Iowa City, IA, Final Boy


Erica Bernheim, Chicago, IL, The Mimic Sea
Michele Bowman, Brooklyn, NY, Cowboys
Katherine Dimma, New York, NY, More Rooms than Doors
Suzanne Heyd, New Haven, CT, Breaking & Entering
Laura McKee, Seattle, WA, Uttermost Paradise Place
Marc McKee, Columbia, MO, Fuse
Katrinka Moore, New York, NY, Thief
Sarah O’Brien, Iowa City, IA, Catch Light
Mathias Svalina, New York, NY, Destruction Myth
Mathias Svalina, New York, NY, I Have Chosen You & You Have Chosen Me
Lauren Smith Traore, Whitewater, WI, Birdello
Julie Wade, Barnesville, OH, Six


Adam Clay, Kalamazoo, MI, A Hotel Lobby at the Edge of the World
Adam Clay, Kalamazoo, MI, Nowaday River
Julie Doxsee, Istanbul, Turkey, Of Unsuspended Suns
Chris Forhan, Indianapolis, IN, Black Leapt In
Kirsten Kaschock, Philadelphia, PA, A Beautiful Name for a Girl
Patrick Lawler, Liverpool, NY, Breathe: A Word of It
Erika Meitner, Blacksburg, VA, The Contact Notes
Nils Michals, San Francisco, CA, Theory of Shadows & Perspective
Maggie Smith, Columbus, OH, Hush Now


Katherine Lucas Anderson, Annunciation
Tracy Jo Barnwell, Houston, TX, Monsters in Repose All Kinds
Kiley Cogis, Fairfax, VA, Lightproof
Noah Falck, Dayton, OH, The Snowmen Are Losing Weight Christopher
Matthew Gavin Frank, Buffalo Grove, IL, The Morrow Plots
Emily Kendal Frey, Portland, OR, Dear Jalapeno
Carolyn Hembree, NewOrleans, LA, Skinny
Kyle McCord, Amherst, MA, The Nesting Doll
Gary L. McDowell, Portage, MI, Young Teeth
Carrie Oeding, Athens, OH, Our List of Solutions
Nicholas Regiacorte, Galesburg, IL,Voice Human
Roy Seeger, Kalamazoo, MI, The Boy Whose Hands Were Birds
Brandon Som, Pittsburgh, PA, Hearsay
Jeanine Walker, Houston, TX, Water Beneath the Foundation
Nicole Zdeb, Portland, OR, The Friction of Distance


Laurie Blauner, Seattle, WA, Entertaining in the Room with All Kinds
Steve Fellner, Brockport, NY, The Weary World Rejoices
Noah Falck, Dayton, OH, The Snowmen Are Losing Weight
Christopher Howell, Spokane, WA, Gaze
Malinda Markham, San Jose, CA, Complicit
F. Daniel Rzicznek, Bowling Green, OH, Divination Machine
Mary Ann Samyn, Morgantown, WV, Incredibly Small and Impossibly Lovely
Matthew Thornburn, Riverdale, NY, Like Luck
Tony Trigilio, Chicago, IL, Historic Diary


At 7/03/2008 4:50 AM, Blogger Anthony Buccino said...

All those names... and none of them are mine! Guess it's back to the editing phase!

At 7/03/2008 8:22 AM, Blogger John Gallaher said...


There are so many writers out there . . . !

At 4/23/2009 11:47 PM, Anonymous fine - List of Liverpool Hotels said...

Oh, I've read something from this LIZ WALDNER on a poetry website, I really liked her poems!


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