Saturday, June 23, 2007

Kristen Hersh - Your Ghost

Kristen Hersh, “Your Ghost”

Call it a Saturday favorite songs project, if you will. Or if you’re interested in calling things things.

I have my lists of favorite songs, mostly by Neil Young, the Beatles, etc., but there’s a whole second list of songs I love that I never get to say I love because people say what’s your favorite song, and I think “Like a Hurricane,” by Neil Young, and miss Frank Sinatra . . .

So consider the next few posts as me making amends.

Hersh’s “Your Ghost” is wonderful on many levels: evocative lyrics, a guest appearance by Michael Stipe, and a chord sequence of three chords done in a revolving four chord sequence (if you’re a guitar player you’ll understand, it’s wonderfully difficult to keep up with while remaining totally simple).


At 6/23/2007 3:43 PM, Blogger Andrew Shields said...

So hard to play, even though it's so easy. An utterly beautiful piece. And then Stipe as a bonus.

At 6/23/2007 4:10 PM, Blogger John Gallaher said...

Indeed, I worked it up once, but I never could memorize it. I always need to watch the changes.

Maybe I just needed to play it 1,000 more times . . .

At 6/24/2007 7:28 AM, Blogger Andrew Shields said...

1000 times should do it. :-)


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